Ruqyah practitioners have been mushrooming and many people have been practicising or want to be practice ruqyah so that they can help others. However in the past years, there has also been negative criticism on those who call themselves raqi (one who recites ruqyah). Some of these criticisms are valid and we share our concerns as well. There are self-proclaimed raqis who claim to be experts but the public can easily recognise their incompetence and lack of knowledge. Their explanations to various questions can be regarded as nonsense or they may suggest or administer treatment plans which may endanger their clients. There are raqis who are not transparent and operate under pseudo-names e.g. "Abu Something" without letting others know their real names. It would also be difficult to establish if they have any criminal records. Raqis that blame their clients if ruqyah has not brought any benefit are also plentiful.


Many people want to be famous raqis before gaining knowledge. If you want to be famous without knowledge, people will soon realise that you are ignorant because you will most likely have no time to seek knowledge after becoming famous. The word "raqi" means someone who reads ruqyah. Many raqis do not equipt themselves with necessary knowledge to be therapists and as a result they simply become reciters or "qaris". The lack of knowledge of these raqis have led some people to be critical of ruqyah and in some cases condemning ruqyah. The means of acquiring relevant knowledge are plentiful. Apart from formal education, the internet, if used positively, can be a good source of knowledge as there are many educational websites and educational videos. YouTube can be platform to gain fame by posting unbeneficial or misleading exorcism videos or YouTube can be a source of knowledge by watching educational videos.


We will be updating this page periodically for links of online educational videos that can enhance your knowledge if you want to be a respected and knowledgable ruqyah practitioner.


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