Ilmu Alam Ghaib

Jejak Rasul


Talk / Presentation

Talk in Gothenburg

 Jinn Possession In Mental Health Disorder


TV Documentary

PISANG conducted the research for the episodes of RTM (Malaysian National TV network) documentary Syahadah (Season 8). An episode was broadcast on each day of Ramadan in 2013.

 Episode 1: Islam - Light of the soul (The Netherlands)
 Episode 2: A Heroine amongst the tulips (The Netherlands)
 Episode 3: The Art of Islam (The Netherlands)
 Episode 4: Inspirational Malays (The Netherlands)
 Episode 5: The colour of Islam (The Netherlands)
 Episode 6: Satu perjuangan (The Netherlands)
 Episode 7: Integration (Ireland)
 Episode 8: Muslim youth in the new millenium (Germany)
 Episode 9: Jewel of Germany (Germany)
 Episode 10: The struggle (Scotland)
 Episode 11: Hidayah (Scotland)
 Episode 12: Imarah (Scotland)
 Episode 13: In the middle of nowhere (Scotland)
 Episode 14: The light (Scotland)
 Episode 15: Empowering Muslim women (Scotland)
 Episode 16: Hijrah (Scotland)
 Episode 17: Muslim Youth (Scotland)
 Episode 18: Belfast Diamonds (Northern Ireland)
 Episode 19: Islam: The story of England (England)
 Episode 20: Turn to Allah (England)
 Episode 21: Ukhwah (England)
 Episode 22: Khalifah (England)
 Episode 23: Scholars of Islam (England)
 Episode 24: Assimilation of Bradford (England)
 Episode 25: One Faith (England)
 Episode 26: The golden rain (England)
 Episode 27: Islamic Music (England)
 Episode 28: Halalan Toyyiban (England)
 Episode 29: Halal: Behind the story (England)
 Episode 30: Islamic Religion (England)


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